Below you will find five spreadsheets of Thomas Playford's family tree
to the best of my knowledge as at 3 March 2014.
Thomas Playford was born at Tenterdon, Kent in 1690.
I would appreciate any additions or corrections that you could contribute.
Compiled by Michael Barry from information supplied by Patty Playford, Errol Edmonds, Jane Wilcox, Robyn Wolfgang, Margaret Brossman, June Nolan, Roslyn Chapman, Joy Hughes, Grahame Corling, Kerry Smith and Robert Hobden.

Please email:   m.barry@iinet.net.au

Thomas Playford's Family Tree (1690)

Richard Playford's Branch (1839)

Henry Playford's Branch (1847)

Dorothy Playford's Branch (1893)

Clara Playford's Branch (1871)